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More than just web design

If you need a new website, or to overhaul an existing site, look no further than Byrne Web Solutions. Continue reading and you'll soon find out why Byrne Web Solutions should be your first choice for web design.

Your online success is important to us. With a powerfull online presence, your business or project is bound to attract the attention it deserves. Byrne Web Solutions is here to cultivate your ideas into reality. We start with a personal consultation of your online needs (not just website design). Website design, web management, search engine Optimization, advertising, and social networking are all key topics. If you want a 360 degree online presence, choost Byrne Web Solutions to take you full circle.

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The newest addition to HTML web standards.

All new sites designed by Byrne Web Solutions follow HTML5 standards. What does this mean to you? HTML 5 delivers the framework necessary for today's innovative, feature-rich web sites. This means your website necessary to handle the full potential of web design.

This site validates on W3C's validation service as full HTML 5.

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CSS 3.

The cornerstone of modern web design.

CSS stylesheets are what set the styling characteristics of your web page. Without them, your webpage would be a blank canvase with some boring text. Byrne Web Solutions uses the newest CSS standards, wich allows for the most elegant styling on the web.




Powerfull server-side scripting.

When a dynamic website is required, Byrne Web Solutions uses PHP. PHP is a powerfull open-source server-side script for handling back-end tasks.

Of course, PHP isn't without a right-hand man. When a database is required, MySQL is the open-source database of choice.

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